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Air Filtration System and Air Purifier Services in Columbus, OH

Many Columbus area homeowners wonder if the air filters that go in their HVAC systems are enough to protect their indoor air quality. The short answer to this is “no,” because their purpose is to protect the HVAC system itself. Fortunately, Paramount Heating & Air provides air filtration system and air purifier options, along with:

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Stop being unimpressed with your HVAC and IAQ services and reach out to our team for air filtration installation, replacement, and air filtration repair.

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Air Filtration Installation

You could plug in multiple portable air filtration or air purifier systems, but we assure you that you’ll have better luck with whole-home air purification and filtration. From high MERV air filtration and electronic air purification to powerful UV air purifiers--also called UV germicidal lights--our local technicians do it all.

Air Filtration Replacement

Air filtration systems are powerful and effectively eliminate contaminants from your indoor air, including allergens like dust, dirt, and pollen, and more harmful pollutants like cigarette smoke and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Eventually, you will need air filtration replacement though, and there’s no better team to call for the job than us!

Air Filtration Repair

The best way to fend off the most sudden or biggest air filtration repair needs, or a broken-down air purification system, is with air purifier and air filtration maintenance. Maintenance allows our Columbus technicians to fully inspect and clean your indoor air quality systems to ensure they operate as they should and don’t need replacement.

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